Precious Pearls- June's Birthstone

According to old traditions, it was believed that pearls were tear drops fallen from heaven.

In reality, pearls are formed when a foreign particle like a grain of sand or a microorganism enters an oyster shell. Mollusks secrete a substance called nacre around the foreign body and layer by layer the nacre covers the particle until a pearl is formed and harvested.

Cultured pearls or artificial pearls are formed by artificially inserting a mantle tissue or a mother of pearl shell bead into a mollusk. The same process occurs, and a pearl is formed. Normally, it takes at least 3 years for a natural pearl to form, but industrially produced cultured pearls can be produced within a year.

What Do Pearls Stand For?

Pearls were originally associated with purity and humility and were gifted during weddings to the bride. As a birthstone pearls are synonymous with simplicity and purity and are said to bestow a long prosperous life upon their owner. In ancient times pearls were believed to heal indigestion and hemorrhages in Asian culture and 19th-century Arab physicians prescribed them in powdered form for improving eyesight and easing depression. They are even said to provide soothing energy to help with labor pains!

We just think pearls, whether South Sea or Freshwater are just plain pretty! If all you have are one pair of pearl earrings or a necklace you are dressed for every occasion and need little more in your jewelry box!