Gifts with Meaning

I hope everyone has a bright healthy holiday season no matter what your race, religion or beliefs happen to be. It has been a tough election year, one of divisiveness, cyber-bullying and for some it has resulted in a lack of faith in our country and democratic process. No matter who we are and where we are,no matter the degree of trouble we face, we know a positive attitude, cannot hurt and may well help us through difficulties. With this in mind, my recommendations for this year’s holiday gift giving are many of my spiritual pieces in my handmade jewelry collection at Pam Older Designs.

Start looking here-our Long Pyrite Buddha.This shiny 18k gold charm is a lucky buddha on a long pyrite chain. It is a subtle and happy way to signal belief that goodness and knowledge will prevail. Buddha necklaces might bring good luck and in this case it is a fashion statement too.

Another idea is the short version of the Buddha necklace and I have the honor of having charismatic NCIS actress Emily Wickersham modeling it on my website! Emily is a childhood friend of my daughter and she agreed to model a few things for me! This handmade necklace is the same Buddha charm on a sparkling pyrite chain that looks like rough diamonds .The simple result is magic with anything you wear! has many, many bracelets with buddhas, lucky elephants, lotus flowers and OM charms, all gifts of peace and hope, purity and rebirth. They resonate with me and have been popular with my customers for many years.

Another optimistic gift might be a silver or vermeil peace sign necklace. I can personalize one for you to wear plain or with colored semi-precious stones and pearls. It is an inexpensive gift that will please most women and younger girls too. With the current fashion of layering necklaces, this is a present that will be appreciated.

There is also a personal favorite, a silver charm with meaning and significance that says “Breathe Deeply”. I use this silver charm on necklaces and bracelets.

I love the idea of giving gifts with meaning. A small symbol, a few words of wisdom might help our friends see the forest for the trees.

See for more gift ideas with special significance.