Custom Jewelry

Creating Made to Order and Custom Jewelry 

by Pam Older, Owner & Designer 


Almost any design you can imagine can be brought to life! Together we can turn an idea into a beautiful piece of personalized jewelry, be it a new engagement ring or a remodeled vintage piece with great sentimentality, we approach each project with great care knowing it is a important investment.

Our first step is to meet to look at options and create the ideal design together. At that time we can also choose the diamonds or precious stones you wish to use.




We'll start with a pencil sketch then replicate it in a computer program. The final result is a precision drawing showing 

exactly how the piece will be built- this is called a CAD (standing for computer aided design) and it looks like the picture below.The CAD will be used to produce an exact wax model to be used for lost wax casting of the final piece.




CAD-Wax Model-Cast

Most custom earrings, rings and necklaces usually follow this process, but at times we will construct a piece directly from metal, this is called fabrication.  


Stone Setting and Polishing



After your custom piece of jewelry is cast we will grind, smooth and polish the inside and out of the piece & set your diamonds or gemstones. 


 On average it takes about 5-6 weeks from start to finish. We love to take on any challenge and get it just right.





Voila-It's Done!

We deliver your jewelry to your specifications and make sure it exceeds your expectations.











Working on a custom design for a client is the best part of what we do! Do you have a a special occasion to mark or have you been thinking about restoring a piece? Call us!   

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