Your Newburyport Destination for Artisan and Custom Jewelry

My shop Pam Older Designs, is a gem of a jewelry shop nestled in Newburyport, MA a city of antique ship captains’ houses, a working boatyard and communal riverfront life with tons of early American history. In this quaint locale  you will find jewelry as distinctive and exciting as Newburyport itself. 

We has been creating handmade, refined jewelry with beautiful stones and textures the range from from polished and matte gold to rustic oxidized silver for 15 years. Our studio/shop is a part of our creative vision, reflecting our personality and aesthetic.The culmination of our vision has won an audience with the Sundance Catalog,The Peruvian Connection Catalog and Oprah Magazine who featured my Pam’s personal tale of how she recreated her life. 

Blending creativity, artistry and fashion we create unique custom jewelry with a very updated modern feel. Whether you’re shopping on the website or visiting us in person- you’ll find us at the ready, eager to help you choose a meaningful handcrafted piece. My new custom rings are the talk of the town!

We’re passionate about sharing our love of jewelry with our customers. Our creativity and desire to create beautiful thing everyday is our currency. All of us here at Pam Older Designs want to demonstrate enthusiasm and fabulous customer service as we strive to stand out  as a place to have a great experience.