Shops-There is a New Way to Buy Wholesale!

The Summer is over and I have to say it was a great one. The weather was late in arriving but then delivered and the weeks in September have been glorious.

We have been trying out some new things and I wanted to thank our new wholesale customers who are finding us on Faire! Faire is a website for shops and galleries who are looking for unique handmade items. It is a wonderful concept that will help designers like me who find it hard to reach these customers without doing trade shows. 

If you know a shop that would like to look at my line of jewelry just send them this link and have them sign up for Faire! There are great incentives for them to sign up- a generous credit for their first time order and free shipping for a year. In addition many vendors offer a promotional selections.

Have a wonderful Fall and think about a trip up to Newburyport for a visit!