Off the Grid in Sardinia

I revisited Sardinia my favorite spot in the world this July. This time I was fortunate to have the company of good friends to share it with. Breezing through the roads that border the shoreline was a lush adventure.

This was the view from our little villa perched in the hills in Chia.That's water in the far background! They say Chia has one of the two, top 10 beaches in the world!

Sardinia has the most amazing beaches and clear waters.Here is a beach in Chia, located on the Southern coast. Chia is famous for its beaches and we explored many of them. The best time to go is September after the crowds have moved on and the beaches are your own.

Here is a picture of my friend and I exploring after a beach day!

We went swimming off a boat one day and headed toward a cave with a shallow inlet.

We cooked too, fruits and vegetables were freshly picked and available from stands right down our street!

It is a casual rugged island with elegant food and delightful people. Here is a beach ristorante in Alghero where we had a most memorable dinner and watched a very slow sunset while families and children played not he beach.

The families in Italy love large outings, everywhere where groups celebrating a simple life in a bountiful country

Alghero has a Spanish influence so we ordered Paella a few hours ahead and were rewarded for our advanced planning. It was one of our best meals!

In my search for things that are a bit different, I found handcrafted leather goods and Brough back a few samples. To my complete amazement  most of them in the course of two days,  Below are a few pictures of the smaller items we still have but larger multi-hued wallets are on their way!

Our wonderful friends all made it from MA. spent part of the time with us. Every day was filled with adventures and laughter. 

Will and I toured the Northern part of Sardinia and then met up with everyone in Cagliari, Sardinia's capital.Here is the view from the hill tops of Cagliari.

And every night ended like this.