Newburyport Jewelry Shop- Pam Older Designs

It has been two years since I moved up from NY to open my Newburyport jewelry store and the experience has been terrific. I opened my shop Pam Older Designs in May 2015 and I can say it was an excellent move. Lots of people in town are loving our organic handmade jewelry and referring their friends near and far. This Summer we had shopping visitors from all over the world! Through the shop and local Newburyport activities I’ve developed very nice friendships too. the town is very hospitable to small business owners and there is so much to do here. We are one of the more unique Newburyport shops since we produce 90% of our own original designs in our studio. The shop sets its self apart as a sophisticated space for discerning buyers that like style, fashion and good design. We make it easy for people to shop local! I shop local too knowing how important it is to keep unique places in business!

We recently started doing more custom jewelry pieces for our customers and hope to expand that service as we grow to bring more of my unique jewelry designs to life. We are open most days from 9:30-5pm. Christmas jewelry shopping has begun early this year. This week we sold a gorgeous hand carved labradorite necklace, a diamond halo necklace and a pair of 18k gold lotus earrings. I am thrilled that we are getting a reputation for elegant jewelry and gifts at all price points! My goal is to keep something on hand for everyone. And if you are not shopping in Newburyport- find us online at!

So thank you to all our customers who have visited us and discovered our semi-precious stone jewelry and personal service. You have given us a wonderful welcome and hope you will continue to think of us for all your jewelry purchases. #Newburyportjewelry