Letter from Sardinia!

Hi Friends,

I just returned from my third visit to the island of Sardinia, Italy.The water, the food, the friendly people and the language (which I continue to try and learn) draws me there and this visit did not disappoint me. I traveled with my adult kids, a cousin and two friends and it was conflict free and pure contentment from the time we jumped in the water after 19hrs of traveling to the moment we left 7 days later. 7 days was not nearly enough but Pam Older Designs needed me!


 I am hoping to return in Sept. 2023 with a new group of people who are intrigued.

A picture of our cove just steps from our little house.

A wonderful trip to Cagliari, Pula, Nora, Chia & Teulada!

So while I have started a few paintings inspired by this enchanting Island, I am still processing my ideas for jewelry.

The subtle pastel colors and the vibrant pinks and reds of the flowers, fruit and vegetables are going to show up somewhere soon!