​Considering a Makeover? (Recycle your Jewelry!)

Maybe you have a box full of jewelry that has sentimental value but you just don't like it! If the pieces have quality metals and stones it is worth the price of remodeling it for yourself and your loved ones. (Pass things down and see their eyes light up!) There are many ways to make an older piece relevant and beautiful and I would love to collaborate with you. Whether it is an old pendant (turn it into a ring!) or restringing pearls(you should do that every so often) we can help you do that at a reasonable cost and with high visual impact. 

Creativity knows no bounds. Above is a pair of custom earrings we designed to set a clients diamonds into.

A pair of earrings can be made into two pendants, a gold chain or stone can be made into a bracelet or maybe we are able to melt down old gold rings and turn it it not a constellation charm set with diamonds or your own birth stone. Below is a custom silver ring with a gold bezel and a piece of treasured sea glass.


In this day and age recycling makes sense so come in to our shop (or call me) and we can help you discover a beautiful way to bring the past into the future! Custom jewelry is our favorite activity at Pam Older Designs, Newburyport, MA. 

We do it for clients all over the world.

Call us at 978-358-8352 or email us at pamolder@mac.com.