Born in April? Diamonds are just part of the birthstone story!

Are you an April baby and think only diamonds can represent your birthstone? Are you looking for creative gemstone alternatives that are full of significance? Here are three other stones to consider, Sapphire, Opal and Topaz. Seen above are custom made earrings made for a beautiful customer who loves Opals.


According to ancient Roman, Italian and Russian traditions Sapphire was deemed the birthstone for anyone born in April. Sapphire is a precious gemstone whose composition is the mineral conundrum. It's available in a wide variety of beautiful hues, the most popular being the brilliant blue we are all familiar with. Sapphire’s metaphysical properties bring inner peace and healing Tangled thoughts disappear along with depression. It is even said to promote self-expression.

Sapphire comes in pink, blue, yellow, orange, white and even black shades giving you the opportunity to select your favorite color. 


Opal reflects light and in the metaphysical world, it works as a prism bringing a full spectrum of light energies into your system. It cleanses one’s body of negative emotions replacing them with pure joy- soothing the body, rekindling hope, enthusiasm and optimism. Like a prism, it picks up whatever is put through it- bringing traits to the surface for transformation and growth. It enhances the good and true in your soul, while dealing with things that are uncomfortable. Choose jewelry set with opals if you believe in its inherent power. Take a gander at this beautiful Ethiopian Opal & Pink Sapphire Ring on my website or the wire wrapped Ethiopian Opal earrings below!


Regarded as the ‘crystal of potency’, Topaz had the reputation of being an opulent item owned by those of privilege. Its metaphysical properties show it plays a great role in stimulating and charging an individual. Anyone who has been having mixed thoughts should consider wearing Topaz because like the crystal’s own clarity, it provides the wearer with clarity and increased focus towards one’s goals. 

We love using white topaz in our artisan jewelry, most recently in these beautiful  White Topaz Star Earrings. We prefer a natural gemstone instead of man-made CZ's or imitation stones. 

 These Flower clusters sparkle like diamonds, but they are actually White Topaz set in an original 14k gold design. We make them in silver too!

Understanding the needs of our buyers (and their budgets!) is important so Pam Older Designs offers diamonds for all budgets, but know there are other options!