August Birthstone is Peridot and it has Great Significance!

Did you know Peridot was originally mined by the Egyptians on an island in the Red Sea and it was referred to as the Gem of the Sun? This is truly a stone from the ages- this semiprecious stone possesses the quality of having a calming effect on the wearer and for bringing peace and harmony in relationships. Like many stones it is said to be protective and to alleviate jealousy, resentment, spite, hatred and greed, while enhancing confidence, and motivating personal growth. 

It also happens to be my birthstone- so I think I will make myself something! Who couldn't appreciate personal growth, peace and harmony with others?

Pam Older Designs can make custom rings or pendants for you using this ancient stone, or choose from a few new styles on our website- just search "peridot".  These pieces were created with gift giving in mind.

Hope to hear from you! If you are in the Newburyport, MA are we hope you will drop in and visit us.

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