Handmade Birthstone Jewelry for December

December is upon us and as we all know too well, this joyful time of year also comes with a fair share of stress. Perhaps adding one of December's three birthstones to your jewelry wardrobe might help you in ways you never thought possible!

In December my team and I like to create using the three birthstones of December: Tanzanite, Turquoise and Zircon. These three gems are perfect for the holiday season with their brilliant shades of blue green and aqua.

My favorite stone, Tanzanite, is used to heighten spiritual growth and psychic power. Interestingly, this stone is only found in one place in the world, Tanzania Africa, where it got it’s name. This gem is typically blue or purple and I have some pieces that incorporate beautiful and unusual carved Tanzanite beads.

Historically turquoise gemstone was often used by kings, shamans, and warriors. This smooth stone offers protection and healing, which is why it was so popular with soldiers. I wonder if Native Americans warriors used it for that reason? Check out some of my pretty earrings featuring this dynamic stone in casual styles. The earrings below add diamonds to the mix for an organic luxury look.

The third birthstone of December is Zircon, which is the oldest mineral on earth! This stone is said to bring guidance and grounding in difficult situations. It may also enhance your positive energy, and help you to ignore distractions. Isn’t that wonderful? Who doesn't need that? I make a fantastic necklace that was featured in the Sundance Catalog. It is light blue zircon strung beads with a rutilated quartz pendant on a vermeil bail and we can make it custom for you at any length.

Do you have a December birthday to celebrate or just shopping for Christmas gifts? Our handmade jewelry featuring Tanzanite,Turquoise and Zircon might be the perfect choice. If you can’t find it on our website, pamolderdesigns.com, call us at 978-8352 for information on custom designs.

Happy Holidays to you all and a very healthy 2018!